for responsible gaming

the leader in non-gaming IT solutions for the gaming industry

What we do


In our portfolio you will find operative and analytical solutions, specialized for gaming business. Our products reflects client’s criteria in the highest measure possible while preserving legislative and regulative specifics of a certain country.

Our speciality


We are a company that doesn’t wait for others to create technological standards and roles. We actively react to regulator’s conditions, specifics and market requirements and we define technological, communication and other needed standards, which we promote, consult and maintain in the long term. Why? Because we are responsible, systematic, reliable people with big technological extent and profound departmental knowledge.

Our Approach


We actively react to technological market and regulator’s requirements. If needed we define, consult, publish and maintain standards that enable the operation of gaming business.


We offer complete IT and technological service to our customers. From analysis, solution designing, providing technical documentation, production and development of a prototype to setup and integration with existing systems. Indivisible part is following technical and application support, maintenance and progress of the solution.

Responsible gaming

The world of regulators of all kinds is the reality of the present day. That’s why we respect requirements for responsible gaming within the creation of standards and development of our own products. At the same time, we are trying to maintain basic gaming principles in functional symbiosis with rules of responsible gaming.


Our great and unique specialization are highly qualified data analyses primarily oriented towards gaming business. We analyze operational data, we integrate with internal and third-party systems, predict future development, analyze KPI and offer other tools, which streamline their business. With qualification, domain knowledge and usage of technical resources we strongly outreach the middle European region.


The key rule of our company is a high level of technological and technical security. The main rules are reflected in standards, analyses, consultations, products, the storage and management of customer’s data. We make sure that our clients know their data are and will be safe.


Our company’s essential credo is building long-term partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust, reliability and strong loyalty. Years of experience in the gaming business, tens of our clients and general awareness of our company is the best evidence.